Not Seeing Maven Dependencies


I am trying to work with a Jenkins plugin (which uses Maven) in Intellij Idea (latest version, 13.02, licensed, running on JDK 1..70_51, Linux 64bit).

I have used Intellij + Maven before and generally things "just work".  But for some reason in this project the dependencies defined by maven are not being found by Intellij.  That means that all the Java imports are marked by red squiggles, for example.

Note that Maven (mvn on the command line) works just fine and can build the project and run the tests.  Also, I can buidl the project from inside Intellij by using the Maven plugin.  So Maven itself seems to be fine; it's just that the dependencies are not being picked up.

I can't remember what a valid project looks like with Maven, but there are none of the expected jars in "External Libraries" (which shows only those provided by the JDK),

The code is available at and I will include a snapshot of what I am seeing.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.  Maven appears to be configured correctly.  The only wanring I have is that git is too old a version (yay CentOS), but I don't think that can be the cause of this problem.  I have deleted and re-imported the project - nothing changed.



Hello Andrew,

Please try to disable "Use Maven3 to import project" option in "Settings - Maven - Importing".
Then reimport project.


Beautiful!  Thanks.  You guys rock!  Andrew


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