Running testng xml file via intellij, no testng report generated

I am using testng+webdriver to develop a UI testing framework, when I run testng.xml via intellij no testng report got generated. I have searched online, seems some other folks also have the same problem, but never see a real answer.

Some folk asked the same question below

Appreicate any help from you guys, if this is still a issue to me, I am afriad I have to switch to eclipse again but I just like intellij so much in many ways, just don't wana switch back to eclipse, HELP!  ,thx in advance :)

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Hello Leo,

It works ok for me, please see . Please check with 13.1 EAP . Provide sample project reproducing the problem with the description what is actually not working as expected and idea.log if issue remains.

Note also that you can export test results here:


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