Blank, static modules with a java project?


This seems silly, but I can't figure it out or find any info on it. Help would be appreciated!

My project has a structure like this:

main/ -- The java files and the main project, all set up and created
static/ -- A ton of xml and json and just static, data files that never really get used by the IDE

I like having that "static" folder as a module or something, so that I can do "find all" on text and find how the data and code is glueing together.

I can't seem to find any sort of "Blank Project" setting... How would I go about adding the static folder as a module to my java project?

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I would create an empty Maven module using the simplest architype, e.g. maven-archetype-quickstart, and move the static folder to <MODULE>/src/main/resource.

Probably, JetBrains guys can recommend a better option :)


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