Intellij does not recognise properties set by antcontrib's propertyregex

I'm using ant 1.9.2 with antcontrib 1.0b3. In intelliJ my properties are highlighted red (property is unknown) when i set them using propertyregex:

      <propertyregex property="ant.sf.arguments.noquot" input="${ant.sf.arguments}" regexp="&quot;?([-|\s|\w]*)&quot;?" select="\1" casesensitive="false"/>
      <propertyregex property="ant.sf.arg.diagnostics" input="${ant.sf.arguments.noquot}" regexp="(-diag)" select="\1" casesensitive="false"/>
the script works fine in practice.

is there any way of preventing this?

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Yes, this is known limitation:

To suppress wrong error you can currently use the common method: on the false error, invoke quick fix menu by Alt+Enter and select some option. E.g. suppress the error for the given element.



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