Maven validation: 'cannot resolve symbol'

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a n00b with the new maven integration so please forgive me :)

I'm having trouble with a project that works just fine from the command line with maven. It get's imported into intellij in an acceptable manner and all seems fine.. Until I open up the pom.xml. Nearly all dependencies are marked in red because intellij can't resolve/ find the projects dependancies. These include some of the most common ones eg. log4j, lucene, mysql etc.
I've already build the project from the commandline, the packages are in my local repository and I've clicked 'update maven indices' dozens of times.

I'm puzzled! Is this a bug in intelliJ or one between my own ears ;)



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This problem will be fixed in the next 8.0 eap.

You may also try updating Maven Indices (Alt+Enter on an unresolved dependency). It will download indices from all repositories registered in your project, and update local repository indices.

The indices are used to found unresolved artifacts and in the completion.


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