Android resources in add-on SDK

I am trying to move a large, complex project from Eclipse into IDEA 13. The project has many modules and is based upon an add-on SDK. There are references to resources which are not within the modules themselves but are found in the SDK; these use namespaces in the Android resource ID. For example,


This seems to work OK in Eclipse, but it's not working for me in IDEA. The editor flags these as errors and says "Cannot resolve symbol". In addition, when I try to build, android-apt-compiler gives a similar error: "No resource found that matches the given name".

The resources in question are compiled into jars found in the add-on SDK. I can see these jars under External Libraries-><addon SDK> in my project pane, and I can drill in and see the compiled resource IDs. They appear to be accessible. Is there some configuration I can correct to make this work? Thanks!

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