How to debug flex android app built by using maven


I'm searching the net, but with no success, so I decided to ask the community.

I have pom.xml that builds an swf and makes by using adt (via exec-maven-plugin) apk and air packages.
How can I debug the apk?

I tried to install it on the device and then

adb forward tcp:7936 tcp:7936
fdb -p 7936

It's debugged in console, but I can't make it to work from within the IDE.
I tried new Debug configuration (Flash App & Flash Remote Debug) but with no success.
I also tried 'Build->Package AIR Application' when I run it the application is built,
but packaging stops with an error

Failed to package AIR application LobbyMobile.apk:
Error: Could not find or load main class com.adobe.air.ADT

I setup 'File->Project Structure'/Project SDK as Flexmojos 4.10....

Please, could any kind soul help me? What is best way to debug app built with maven?

Thanx in advance.

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The easiest way to debug the app that is already built outside the IDE and installed on the device is to use Flash Remote run configuration. Try to configure standard standalone Flex SDK installation for the build configuration selectd in the run configuration dialog.
Run confiugration is what is configured in Run | Edit configurations...
Build configurations are subnodes of Flash module nodes in Project Structure | Modules.

I'm not sure it can work with autoconfigured Flexmojos SDK, I need to check it.

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This worked. I setup another flex SDK 4.10 as you said and this worked.
I figured out why it can't start within mavenized SDK. The adt.jar is missed from the repository, but I have no idea why it's missed.
IDEA tries to create an apk and stops on adt absense.

Small question: Is it possible to tell IDEA to use existing one and not to create apk?

Thank you.

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adt.jar is there in [repo]/com/adobe/air/compiler/adt/[version], but IntelliJ IDEA doesn't know about it.

It is possible to compiler+package+install+debug (using standart Flash App run configuration) or just debug (using Remote Flash Debug run config). It is not possible to install+debug, so you have to install manually.


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