Polyglot development: using IntelliJ Ultimate a good idea?


I currently own a PhpStorm license and have RubyMine on eval and IntelliJ Community running too (sometimes I just need a little bit J).

I've downloaded the Ultimate trial and configured it for Ruby, but I e.g. couldn't find the Ruby SDK configurations which I need.

Am I doing something wrong or am I seeing already the differences/lacking behind of the respective plugins in the ultimate edition versus the standalone spin offs?

Looking at the RubyMine wiki or within the Ultimate edition in the plugins dialog I wasn't even able to figure out which exact version of the Ruby plugin I'm running compared to what RubyMine has. It's quite a bit frustrating.

I've love to get some insights on that,


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Ruby/php projects are configured differently in IDEA Ultimate and RubyMine/PhpStorm because IDEA needs to support all the technologies. E.g. Ruby SDK
are configured in File | 'Project Structure' | SDKs in IDEA.

Version of the Ruby plugin should be shown in File | Settings | Plugins. The latest version of Ruby plugin is "", it means that the
plugin is based on RubyMine 6 and was built on February 7.

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