IntelliJ 13 wants to remove modules from Maven projects?

Umm, what's up with Maven support in IntelliJ 13?

Everytime I open a Maven project previously configured in IntelliJ 12, I get a dialogue telling me that my project module has been removed from Maven, and whether I want to remove the module, or something, and clicking Yes removes the module, that is, IntelliJ removes from the project the very files with which I'm trying to work.


Kind of irritating...  Is there some setting I can switch-on to tell IntelliJ 13 to relax and leave my Maven projects as is?


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Depending on what you're trying to get.

IDEA observes two, say, "models": the pom.xml files content (its presentation is in Maven tool window) and IDEA's own .iml files content (the presentation is in Project tool window), imported from poms.
The dialog says some pom is excluded from Maven structure, but .iml imported from that pom is kept in the project structure. So what would you like:

1. To work with IDEA module imported from pom.xml, but forget about that pom.xml and never use it (at least from IDEA)?
2. To work with IDEA module, but also keep it linked to original pom.xml?



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