IDEA 13 being slow in running my groovy program

IDEA 13 have been quite slow in testing my groovy program. Every time I click run, it takes 5 seconds to check and make, then 4 seconds to load the program I wrote, which is just a simple groovy SwingBuilder program. The previous version doesn't need so much time.

Is the make procedure check too many stuff?
Did the groovy compilation procedures change?
And the commandline for loading my groovy program added lots of jar in that line, are they really needed? will this impact the performance?

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I tested with Eclipse for same program and libraries. Eclipse took 5 seconds to run the program, while IDEA took 5 seconds to make, then 5 seconds to run. I think Eclipse has an incremental compilation feature that compile for every save of file, so maybe this is the difference.

I changed the compiler to Eclipse compiler, set automatically save, removed make for run tasks. Now it seemed to working if I waited enough time after each save and before running the program, though the status messages didn't show they are compiled for each save.

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I found the make task before each run cannot be elimated even I turned on auto make, increamental compilation, otherwise new edit often haven't be compiled when I click Run. So every time I need to spend 10 seconds before see change results even if I only edited one line in one file. I tried in Eclipse with same procedure: I made some changes, save, run program, the program started in about 5 seconds.

Why IDEA have to run full make for each time even only one line in one file is changed? Even make can detect that only one file is need to be compiled, it still took several seconds to do this. And I cannot change the make task to only make module, so maybe each time it was making the whole project, check all the files!


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