Scala development extra slow after latest update?

I've noticed that scala development has been especially painful for me in IDEA recently. There has been a dramatic increase in IDEA pauses/pinwheel appearances. Has anyone else noticed a change within the last few weeks? I'm trying to figure out if the symptoms I'm experiencing are a result of a recent scala plugin update, a change I made to IDEA settings, or a code/dependency change. SBT build seems normal. I typically use SBT running in shell for all build and testing. I just use IDEA for context menus/refactoring and could care less about building inside IDEA. Pauses do not appear to be result of a GC based on the memory indicator. It is nearly impossible to write any tests using Specs2 at the moment.

I've also noticed that IDEA appears to be much more sensitive to running `~test:compile` in SBT. Each SBT compile appears to wipe out IDEA's code analysis and I must wait for the little eyeball to finish doing it's thing. This seems to be new. I don't remember SBT compiles affecting this at all in the past.

Mac IDEA version 13.0.2 build #IU-133.696 (screenshot of version window below)
Scala plugin version 0.30.380


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An example which demonstates:

  1. Navigate to a type declaration, wait a long time.
  2. Browse one or two different files but make no changes and no SBT build
  3. Return to file in step 1.
  4. Attempt to navigate to same type declaration as step #1
  5. I just counted 33 second IDEA hang before it was responsive and opened the same type definition as step 1.
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Same to me. The Performance Code Analysis takes seconds or minutes to "come back". If I type one character (a space for example) I have to wait for the analysis. To find out if there is a syntax error it is faster to compile it with sbt in a separate shell.


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