Is it possible to do this as a feature in Intellij 8? (maven related)

Hello all,

Really enjoying the 7.0.4 release. Looking forward to the next bug fix release as well. I have been working with maven a lot lately, and getting to figure out how Intellij makes life a lot easier. For example, using the new project and importing the project based on the poms is brilliant and it saves from doing mvn idea:idea and all that every time a pom changes.

I was wondering along the lines of I am sure developers especially rather new ones (like me) have had the question...'is this xxx api a dependency in our project' and if so then which pom.xml does it belong to?' So far I have been using Ctrl Shift F and just filtering to the *.xml and it gets the job done, but I think a killer feature would be if somehow, Intellij allowed some way of just pinpointing to exactly which pom.xml/s its in...sort of like the Ctrl Alt Shift N for method names.

Another feature I was thinking was a graphical representation of all the dependencies in a particular pom.xml. Sort of like what m2eclipse does and thats quite very handy. There was one time where we had an older jar and it was causing problems but it was really hard to figure out where it was coming from and also the command line depenedency graph is just not too convenient. I used that eclipse plugin, tracked down that plugin in the visual mode since there was a way to just type in the name of the jar you suspect and it will highlight it in the diagram, and based on that we could determine which dependency was pulling that old obsolete jar in and then we wrote up an exclusion for it. Very cool stuff! :)

Just some thoughts. What do you all think? All this is probably implemented in 8 and that would just be stonkin'!

Take care guys,


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