Using GWT compilation with maven


I have a gwt-maven project using Jboss but sometimes the build artifact for GWT doesn't work.
I add the mygwtproject:war exploded to my Jboss deployment, and change it's path to /folder/mygwtproject.war

I build everything with maven, then I clean the gwt  pom project target and I launch the Jboss server with the war:exploded.
The problem is that it only makes the war:exploded so it's missing the gwt compilation folder.
There is no error, it just doesn't do it while the compiler output is present in the artifact configuration.

Anyone has an hint or it's a bug?

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I am using a maven profile, but it built a few times before.

Are there any problems with GWT compiler and third party like GXT?
But when I do mvn clean install on my gwt project - there is no errors.


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