Java color scheme does not apply.

Hi there,

I tried to customize a bit the Java color scheme to fit my preferences and I'm facing an issue.

In File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts I created a new scheme, let's say "new_scheme" and I changed font, style (bold, italic, ...) and color for some parts of Java language. Whatever the way I use, "Language Defaults" or "java" category, only some parameters are applied. For instance I choose a color for function/method declarations and calls, I see the effect in the preview but it's not reported in the editor.

I also tried to import a color scheme found on the internet, and I'm facing the same issue: only some parameters are applied.

It that a known issue ?

Best regards,


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Could you please file a bug report and attach your log file (Help|Show Log). Thanks.


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