Forcing Intellij to show full-history in Git?

I need to get Intellij to show "full history" in Git history, rather than the Git default (which is to ignore changes it deems "uninteresting" and ignore merge commits).   Anybody know how to do this?

Here's the explanation:  If Developer "A" changes something and pushes the change, then Developer "B" changes it back to the way it was (before "A"'s change) and pushes that change, those commits would not show in the history because they would cancel each other out (at least this is the way it's been explained to me.) This makes it hard to find problems and leads to a lot of "Where'd my change go?"

Here's the "uninteresting commit" explanation from the docs:

Default mode

Simplifies the history to the simplest history explaining the final state of the tree. Simplest because it prunes some side branches if the end result is the same (i.e. merging branches with the same content)


Same as the default mode, but does not prune some history.

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Hi Tom,

Currently there is no way to force IntelliJ to show full-history. Please vote for the request here:

Btw, in Changes | Log "--full-history" is switched on by default, so it should show all commits.

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Thanks for the response - I voted for the issue.  


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