Does Intellij autosave before action invocation?

In IntelliJ 12, I used to have problems where the IDE would crash on "Find Usages".
After each crash, though, I could simply re-start the IDE and all of my changes would have been saved.

In IntelliJ 13, I had a similar problem and after re-starting the IDE, my changes had NOT been saved!

Did something change in the autosave behavior between 12 and 13? Is IntelliJ supposed to autosave before actions like Find Usages?

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No, Intellij doesn't save before Find action.
But it autosaves file on (Settings | General):
* frame deactivation
* if IDE is idle for some time
Also it autosaves before some actions if it's really needed. For example, before launching external processes (e.g. run/debug run configurations).

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In addition to Sergey's words: a save in IDEA 12 right before calling Find Usages looks like an accident to me. I've checked IDEA 12.1.7 and it does not save before Find. Maybe you have older version?


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The main problem is the use of caching the files in IJ. Looks like since IJ 12. Because I have used IJ since the beginning and would
never have any issues like this, until they started caching files, and now requires you to click the save icon just to be safe, whenever you do any changes to any file.

I hope IJ decides to stop caching files and work like it used to when it was the greatest IDE around.


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Mark, could you please provide more details about problems with caching you experienced?
If it's about IJ crashes, then the cause of crashes should be found out in the first place.

IJ caches the files to improve performance, because file system is usually the bottleneck. All text editors/IDEs do the same I guess.
You can change "Settings | General | Save files automatically if application is idle for N sec" to a more appropriate N value.

Another option you have (but I wouldn't recommend doing this) is to disable autosave:

Settings | General
  • Uncheck
    "Save files on frame deactivation"
  • Uncheck
    "Save files automatically if application is idle for"


Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs
  • Check
    "Mark modified tabs with asterisk"

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