EE 6 App: clicking on application v6 schema location takes me to EE 1.4 XSD


I have a EE 6 App I have added a server setup for WAS 8.5 -> EE 6.

(I know application.xml is not required in EE 6 but I am old school,)

<application id="Application_ID" version="6" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

I also have a J2EE  facet for the EAR module that points to this application.xml


I see two issues:

1) the syntax checking says that version can only be 1.4

2) When I CTRL+click on the schema location I am taken to the v 1.4 Schema not the v 6 schema.

Is there a way to configure IJ to tell it I am targeting EE v6.

Shouldn't it be able to detect that from the application.xml schema decleration in that file.

I am using IJ 13

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