Maven Integration Explanation?

Hi all,

A small question about Maven integration, which I can't find in the help:
What's the difference between:

  • Re-import maven projects

  • Update Folders

  • Download artifacts

When I synchronize with Maven, I always press each button once, just to be sure. But it would be handy to know the difference, plus it would be nice to have a place were it's documented.

For me, Re-import maven projects means: look through all the directores, find all the poms, and build the directory structure accordingly. But, what I also see, is that it downloads the artifacts in the pom, and maybe it does more.
Update Folders: I guess it looks in all the directories to find new poms? No idea what it does.
Download artifacts: Do the same a re-import maven projects, but less? Also no idea what it really does. When I click on it, it tries to download sources and javadoc and all, but to me, an artifact is something like a dependenc, which should already be downloaded in step 1. So to me, this name is confusing.

Someone with a better description?


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Download artifacts will download sources and javadocs (if available) and bind them to the libraries

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Re-import takes all structural changes in Maven projects (added/deleted modules) and changed dependencies and updates IDEA project structure accordingly. It takes 2 steps: reading and updating module structure and resolving and updating the dependencies. Latter takes place in background. There is also an optional procedure of generating sources and updating the project's folders, which also takes place after first step in background.

Update Folders action is needed if you have changed some module's source/resource folders, or have added a plugin that adds them. Also folders are automatically updated on every goal execution, provided that you use embedded maven.

It is planned to add a separate 'update dependencies' action soon, since the most common operation is changing module's dependencies.

Download Artifact allow you to download and attach sources and javadocs for all dependencies. It also downloads all necessary plugins, if they haven't been downloaded during import. You can configure download options in the Maven Settings->Artifacts dialog.

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Okay, great explanation. It would be nice to add this to the help, or provide a more detailed tooltip or something.


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