IntelliJ 13.0.x, SBT 0.13.x project with IntegrationTest config

The latest IntelliJ seems to work great with importing sbt projects; however, I've stumbled upon one minor annoyance with my existing integration tests. Intellij doesn't seem to know about all sbt configurations, in this case the IntegrationTest configuration. Normally with sbt, you put your integration tests in src/it/{scala,resources} and run your tests with the it:test task. My build.sbt looks similar to


libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "1.9.2" % "it"

Everything works fine from sbt, but Intellij doesn't import the src/it/{scala,resources} directories as test sources. If I manually mark the directories as test sources within the IDE after importing using the "Mark Directory As" context menu, I can get IntelliJ to recognize the sources and run them within intellij. Unfortunately, I have to redo this every time I touch the build.sbt. Is there a way that I can get IntellIj to import these directories as source in my sbt file?



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