EAR/Lib folder and Maven

How can I tell IntelliJ to generate a 'lib' directory with all jars (declared in pom.xml) inside EAR?
I really don't understand why IntelliJ cannot do this basic (and important) thing...! I tried 7.0.4 and 8M1!

IntelliJ does NOT detect the JARs of EAR declared in maven's pom.xml file like that:

org.apache.maven.plugins maven-ear-plugin ... xxxx yyyy true aaaa bbbb lib ]]>

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Hi, Gerson,

Please make sure that your pom.xml file has corresponding artifacts configured in the dependencies section.
As for the defaultJavaBundleDir option, it is not supported by IDEA yet. Hopefully, we'll add this functionality in one of the following 8.0 eaps.

Anton Makeev


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