Partial synchronize for Database schema

Can I run partial synchronization for a database schema? For example, if I add new table or remove an existing one, I don't see it displayed in the Database Tool Window. So, I have to run the sync, and it takes a lot of time updating the tables that I don't need at the moment. Can I do it faster? I know that I can use "Table names pattern" on the "Data Sources and Drivers" panel, but it will remove all the existing tables from the list. Ideally, I would like to have some include / exclude filter for the sync process, so I can select which tables need to be updated.

Is there an existing feature for that in IntelliJ v13?

Thank you!

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Synchronize action always takes selection into condirations. One can sync a schema, a table or some combination.

This approach obviously doesn't work for newly created entities, so:

  • New Column/New Table menus in Database view sync only what needs to be sync'ed.
  • Currently only CREATE statements invoked in console are not properly tracked.
    • The whole tree is sync'ed if Auto-sync is ON in a datasource properties.
    • This is the main reason why auto-sync is OFF for big databases by default.
    • Feel free to create a ticket for that to track the progress.
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Thank you for the response, I think I can leave with the workarounds you mentioned :)


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