maven dependencies resolution problem

I have variable of type SlingHttpServletRequest
And I see error that method getParameterMap cannot be resolved but code compiles without any errors.

When I check declaration of SlingHttpServletRequest it is declared in this lib
and as it extends HttpServletRequest which is declared in

In diffrent project I have similar dependecy declarations in pom.xml file but method getParameterMap is valid for Idea.
difrence is where Idea shows declaration of HttpServletRequest

I try to align dependecies configuration in pom with no success.

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So, it looks clear that the version of servlet-api needs to be adjusted. Somewhere in problematic project you have a dependency to javax.servlet-1.0.0. Have you found where it come from (e.g is it specified in POM)? Do you need it in your project?


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javax.servlet-1.0.0 dependecy is not defined directly but came from org.apache.felix:org.osgi.compendium as sub dependecy.
Issue was in Idea project files it somehow stuck with this path of resolution. I remove all Idea files and reimport project from pom and now I don't see this problem.


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