Play 2 Plugin - basic app doesn't compile or run through IDEA, but does on cmd line

Ok, screen shot attached. Using V13 Ultimate.

I have created new project as Play 2 Java module.

Separately I have also just downloaded Play and when I run the IDEA created app from the command line using Play it compiles and runs fine

Running from within the IDE (which I thought was the whole darn point of the plugin) doesn't work.

I am guessing that somewhere I have to specify where the Play installion is for the IDE to use. As in this (outdated) documentation:

When I created the new project the wizard was different to this as it did not contain the "play home" box.

I have had no luck sorting this out and have wasted almost a whole flippin day on it. I am evaluating the version 13 with a view to upgrading but won't bother if this is broken.

Why does it always feel like one step forward, two steps back when new features come out?

thanks for your help in advance

Screenshot from 2014-01-22 17:35:54.png

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