Alt + Tab Problem in IntelliJ IDEA 13


I am having a problem in IntellJ IDEA 13 when I am using the alt+tab key combination. Sometimes, it doesn't work and the focus still stays on IDEA and not the other window I am tabbing into. I think I do not encounter this in version 12. Hope for some response from any of you guys.




Can't reproduce directly. Can it be a short pause between pressing Alt and Tab? Then Alt brings the focus to main menu or system window menu (depending on look and feel) and Tab brings it back to, say, the editor.

There is notorious but that is different effect: in that case the focus does go from IDEA frame.



This happens very randomly. Sometimes, no matter how much I do ALT+TAB, it works properly. When this problem happens, the focus is no longer on the IDE. It's not even focused on the menu of the IDE. I think the problem is that InteliJ stays on top even if the focus is already on the next window. I can confirm this because the next window is the one that is highlighted in the window's task bar and not IntelliJ. This problem happens on Windows 7 SP1 and it happens on my home laptop and office desktop so I don't think this is specific to my computer.


I'm having the same issue, it's random but very frequent. It looks like and , and it definitely didn't happen on v12.


Just started my Idea 13 eveluation and I have similar issues. I see 2 different problems so far - first is the alt being activated in the target program (like browser, which displays its menu), the other is the target program not even getting focus. Both super annoying and never were an issue with Idea 12/12.1

What's weird is that the issue gets even worse when you have two instances of Idea 13 running and you alt+tab to them.


Hi, this is still an issue in 13.0.1 update. Will this get fixed on the upcoming 13.0.2 update? It's very annoying specially when I am studying codes, I switch back and forth to editor and pdf reader. Right now, the only solution is to move back to 12.1.


I've no clue when it will be fixed, but one of the staff members posted a new test build a few days ago that seems to have this issue sorted, at least for me. Subscribe to that thread and you'll get the info as soon as it's released.


Thanks for the response, the bug I am looking for seems to be which is also an ALT+TAB problem but not the one that focuses the menu of IntelliJ.


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