IDEA 13.0.2 EAP

Every day IDEA 13 is prestering me to update to IDEA 13.0.2, but the description states this is an Early Access Preview (EAP) update.

I don't want to be automatically subscribed to the bleeding edge EAP channel - I need my IDE to be stable. Will another 13.0.2 update be released later that isn't EAP (or another update version that includes 13.0.2 changes)?

Is IDEA 13.0.2 effectvily the start of IDEA 14 EAP? I'm confused as to how these rolling updates are going to progress?

PS 'Ignore this update' option seems to be same as cancel dialog? I'll be asked again to update when I next restart (or is it daily?)

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Hi Richard,

There will be stable 13.0.2-release soon.

> Is IDEA 13.0.2 effectvily the start of IDEA 14 EAP

No, there will be 13.1 update later and then IDEA 14 EAP will be started.

You can disable EAP updates notifictions: File | Settings | Updates | Check for updates in channel.

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Ok thanks,

So I need to change the update setting to 'Milestone Releases' to be notified of both 3.0.2 stable and 3.1? (just checking).


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