Is it possible to include resources alongside sources in IDEA 13?

Unless I'm overlooking something simple, the new java-resources content type in IDEA 13 seems to make it impossible to include resources alongside sources.  Using Gradle, I do this in some cases:

apply plugin: 'java' sourceSets.main.resources.srcDir("src/main/java")

With IDEA 12, both src/main/java and src/main/resources would get marked as source folders.  With IDEA 13, src/main/java ends up marked as a resources folder only.

To give a specific case of why I'd like to have some resources alongside sources, Scene Builder for JavaFX doesn't find controller (code-behind) files when they're in a separate resources folder.

Is there a way I can hava src/main/java include both sources and resources?

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there is an open issue for such a usecase, you can watch it at
There is also a workaround posted by a user in the comment (


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