Slow syntax and inspection updates in editor

In IntelliJ IDEA v13.0.1 the inspection and refreshing of the color syntax seems to be a lot slower then in v12.

When I type a line containing an error and fix it, after it turned red, the error color is not always disappearing. To trigger an update of the color syntax I have to hit return or type some other characters at the end of that line.
I'm having the same problem with the color syntax. Sometimes the whole page stays gray, after doing something like typing a character or hit retun, no matter where, the page refreshes and gets colored. Also when I comment a line, the line stays colored, opposite happends also.

It's very hard to reproduce, it happends from time to time. I added for each problem a screenshot to illustrate.

Are these known issues?

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Are there any exceptions in idea.log when this happens? Use "Help | Show Log in Explorer" to open the directory containing idea.log.

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Nope, nothing special


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