How do I use an external diff tool to compare *folders* in Intellij IDEA ?

I am attempting to use an external diff tool (Beyond Compare) to compare folders in Intellij IDEA 13 (EAP Build #IU-133.471).


My Intellij IDEA settings are as follows:

enter image description here


Relevant documentation for Beyond Compare : here and here

Intellij IDEA's doc on the subject : here

Herein Lies the Rub

And here is what happens when I select two directories and press Ctrl + D (the shortcut to

Compare Directories
) :

enter image description here
The same works fine when comparing files:

enter image description here

I have attempted using the current stable version of both Beyond  Compare (v3.0) as well as Intellij to no avail. I have had no joy after  appending the parameters
%1 %2
etc. to the
Path to Executable

Can you think of what I might be missing ? Have you used an external diff tool to compare folders in Intellij IDEA ?


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Looks like not yet fixed bug:

Thank you,


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