Rename, Idea can't find class to resolve + renaming entity beans

I've got two bugs today. Don't know, whether they in Jira yet…

First. Sometimes (can't create a reproducable scenario) after class rename (Shift+F6, target is in the same module and same package) Idea can't find new class, so, after renaming, all references are renamed too, but become red.

Second. When I rename class (I place cursor on a class and press Shift+F6), that is an entity bean (declared as JPA's @Entity) I get a dialog for renaming other things. And names are strange there. For example, if class was named Some_Entity_Class, then suggestion is something like Some__Entity_Class, or even SomeEntityClass.

Second one is absolutely reproducable, I tried it today (last EAP build, 8650). First one happens from time to time.

Are there same bugs posted? If not, I can try to collect data and post them.

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