Another Play 2 / Scala problem: Identifier expected

Hello again

Another Play 2 problem – or maybe a problem with the Scala plugin. I'm not sure. The steps o reproduce are:

  1. create a new Play project on command line: play new Foobar
  2. create the IntelliJ IDEA project files: play idea
  3. open the project in IntelliJ IDEA 13 Ultimate

Play can run the project fine, it works. But as you can see IntelliJ IDEA shows two compile errors where the second one depends on the first one. I think the message "Identifier expected" means somethink like "class to import not found". It looks like the compiler can't find the Scala libraries. But the Scala code in the template files compiles fine without errors.

IntelliJ IDEA Play Java Compile Errors.png

Does anybody have an idea whats going wrong here?

Thank you

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Funny: Stopping the running Play server made the compile errors disapear imediately…



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