Mouse clicks and popup windows.


I'm using IDEA in 2 computers, with very similar setups:

  • Linux
  • KDE desktop
  • Java 1.7.0_45  JDK
  • IDEA 13.1

In one of them, it works flawlessly, but on the other one I can observe the following anomalies:
  • In popup windows like "Evaluation Window", when I click over it, it is like it were transparent to the mouse, and the window behind it, processes the mouse input.  Keyboard is processed by the popup window.
  • Some shortcuts like Alt+Shift+R are interpreted like Alt+R.  In general Alt+Shift+letter = Alt+letter

The only difference is that the problematic computer uses Fedora 19, and the other KUbuntu 13.10.

Has this been observed by someone else?

Thanks in advance for any clue.

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Fedora uses KDE 4.10, KUbuntu - 4.11. May be upgrading or downgrading KDE will help.


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