Maven custom global settings file (-gs option)


I have a global settings file to share between developers.

I modified the maven.bat file on each developer's machine to add the -gs option to point to the global settings in a shared drive.

When running from the command line, maven picks up the global settings as expected.

I have since noticed that IntelliJ is not calling this maven.bat file at all but is instead building the java command by itself.

In the maven runner configuration in IntelliJ I can define JVM options but not actual maven options. (See this similar issue raised in Jenkins some time back

Is there any way I set the custom maven global settings option? Or tell IntelliJ to use the maven.bat file instead of buildind it's own command?



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Yes, of course you can specify settings.xml path in IDEA. See attached screenshot.a.png

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Thanks Sergey but that is not what I mean.

Those are user settings, I'm talking about global settings.

What I need is to pass the -gs option to maven.


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