Android project and attach sources - whose bug is it?

I have run into an issue that I'm not completely sure whose bug it is, mine or Intellij's. So I'm posting here looking for help.

Setup: An Android Library project in IntelliJ IDEA 133.370 that uses gradle to include a JAR from the local maven repository. The JAR has a source JAR associated with it in Maven.

Scenario: I use view source on a variable that is defined in the JAR.

Actual Behavior: Intellij opens up a class viewer for the object (instead of showing me the source code from the associated source JAR) and offers me the 'Search in internet...' and 'Attach Sources...' options. If I click 'Attach Sources...' it will take me to the right sub-directory of the local Maven depot where I can find the source jar and click on it. But I'm honestly not sure if it is taking me to the right directory because it knows to look there or because I've had to do this several times and it remembers where I went last time.

Expected Behavior: Intellij would automatically detect that Maven includes a Source JAR and load it.

I've noticed this problem across different Android projects in Intellij. They never seem to recognize source while Java projects in Intellij do recognize the source JAR.

So is this a bug in the behavior of Android projects or is there some special setup I need for Android projects to recognize source JARs that I clearly don't need in Java projects where source JARs just work?



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