Datasource pane UI annoyances & ideas

1) The "JDBC Type" and "Default Java Type" columns use valuable screen estate. The information shown is not that useful in general (especially the "Default Java Type"). However - and this is really irritating - there's no way to hide or minimize those columns.

It seems like the pane tries to be both a "master" and "detail" view at the same time. I really like invoking search from the nodes in the pane tree, however, perhaps the "detail" information could me moved somewhere else (see next point)?

2) Ctrl-Q / Ctrl-Shift-I on a table/view/column could show a generated DDL "stub" based on the database schama. Of course it won't show any DB-specific index types etc, but at least there will be a clear separation between top-level elements and their details.

This would also provide a logical place where to display information like data type, nullable/not-nullable, foreign keys

A case can be make for displaying column type in the tree, but perhaps it could be toggle-able (using a button like in the project view)
It doesn't make sense to show type "TABLE" for a table - I already can see that from the node icon.

3) Expand/collapse sometimes required two keypresses (IDEA-18854)

4) It would be nice if I could quickly navigate to a table using Ctrl-Shift-Alt-N (IDEA-18848)

5) Navigating from a table/column reference to the Datasource pane doesn't scroll the view properly (IDEA-18779)

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I've create a JIRA issue describing how I'd like the Datasource pane to look and work.
In short: it should be as simple and light as the current Structure view :)

Take a look:

Comments/critique/votes welcome.


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