Still having issues with svn syncing

Using 7905 (on Windows), I still find that it takes a very long time to update the Local Changes view. I've made some changes to three files, and they're just not showing up in the Local Changes until the scan is completed, which takes several minutes. Using procmon to monitor activity, I don't see excessive virus checker activity, but I do see idea.exe scanning module source, .svn files and JAR files that were untouched by my changes. While the scan is running, my entire system is very slow.

I realise that IDEA needs to find changes that were made outside the editor. But I really don't need this, and the hit it causes is really unacceptable. Can I turn it off, and use the 'sync' button when I have external changes I want to detect?

I'm finding that the scanning is making IDEA unusable. Please help.

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