IntelliJ, JBoss AS, Maven: exploded artifacts, advice wanted


I want to deploy a number of artifacts (WAR/EAR) to JBoss AS 7.x and I want to be able to do that using both Maven or IntelliJ.  Using IntelliJ I prefer to use exploded artifacts and that's where I'm running into trouble.

So I read documentation telling me that I need to specify the output directory which has to end with either .war/.ear.  I also decided not to create such a folder in the default Maven output folder, as I would not be able to do 'mvn clean' when the target folder is used by JBoss.
Hence I decided to use ${basedir}/jboss/<finalName.war> as a folder.

However, every time I've done an mvn clean I need to reconfigure these output folders, eventhough it's not in /target.  This means that I probably configure the jboss output folders for each artifact (8 pieces) about 5 times per day.

So, any advice on how to configure this robustly ?


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Сan you check the discussion at and related and regarding the use of workDirectory property for the similar case?


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I've got a license for IntelliJ IDEA 12, not 13.  

And I would like to pull this off without having to create specific Maven configurations for different IDE's.  I want my Maven config to be as independent as possible from anything else.  It's already bad enough that I have to cope with specific eclipse configuration entries from my colleagues.

There's nothing else I can try?  I've got 5 ear and 1 war to deploy on JBoss.

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Have you tried the ejb-in-ear example by the JBoss Developer Framework?

For me this works as expected and proposed by you. The main idea is to have a dedicated ear project, which assembles the other modules via the maven-ear-plugin.


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