Intelij 12 slow on building project.


We have been using Intelij Idea for many years.
We are using a registered installtion of Intelij Idea 10 with a couple developers.

I am testing the latest version(12.1.6) now but the projects are really slow in building the project.

When building an artifact (the destination is a network-drive) intelij  takes really long (15-20 minutes) to 'make' the project and another 30 minutes to 'synchronizing output files'
In the past the complete process was done in under 10 seconds

How can i detect where it hangs ?


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Hi Steven,

Please try IDEA 13 released just recently. After installation and opening your project invoke Rebuild Project first time.
For example, the slowness can be caused by the lack of memory for the build process, if you have some really big modules in your project. If increasing memory for the build process does not help, please do the following:

1. Copy <idea-home>/lib/yjp-controller-api-redist.jar and <idea-home>/bin/yjpagent.* files to <idea-system-dir>/compile-server
2. In "Settings | Compiler | Additional compiler process VM options" field enter -Dprofiling.mode=true
3. make sure automatic make is turned off
After this every build process run should result in a CPU snapshot stored in <user-home>/Snapshots directory. Snapshots are named like "ExternalBuild-{date}.snapshot".

Specifying -Dprofiling.mode=false will turn profiling off.
Please capture a couple of snapshots for the situations in which you beleive the build should work much faster than it works and upload them to 
Please also specify the memory and other VM settings for the build process you were using.


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