How to convert these Eclipse workspace/projects to IntelliJ?

We used 2 Eclipse based products (MyEclipse and GGTS) and also WebStorm right now. We have more grails/groovy projects and Spring projects in the near future and I'm evaluating IntelliJ and hopefully we can have 1 IDE instead of 3. I'm using an Eclipse workspace that has a grails app and a grails plugin project in it which both are in GIT. The grails app has a web project in its web-app folder which is also in GIT. Here is the sample structure:

eclipse-workspace (not in GIT)
    eclipse-grails-project (GIT repo)
            html5-web-app (GIT repo)
    eclipse-grails-plugin-project (GIT repo)

What would be the best way to convert this to IntelliJ using the recommended method? I see that IntelliJ has a toplevel project where Eclipse has toplevel workspace. Can an IntelliJ project contain other projects or do they have to be modules? I can see some projects or modules being shared in different products.

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Hi Mike,

IDEA's project corresponds to Eclipse workspace, IDEA's module - Eclipse project. You may include the same module in different projects.



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