Defining what characters can make up a "word"

Is there a way to tell IntelliJ what characters I would like to be considered as being part of a word. For instance, I would like to add the dash for XML files.

E.g. if I have <grand-total>, the cursor is just before "g" and I press ctrl-right (or option-right on a Mac), I would like the cursor to go after the "l", not after the "d". This should influence a number of other things, like Edit / Select word at caret.

This is a feature you find in other editors, like TextMate, but I haven't seen this in IntelliJ. Have I looked at the wrong place?


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For me this would be useful for soft wrapping, because I get results like the follow:

someFunction(, thing.size(), thing.stuff

And I'd rather have it consider the () as part of the word like:

someFunction(, thing.size(),


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