Grails oddity with not reloading Plugins

Using IDEA 13 with Grails 2.3.4 I have noticed an oddity with not reloading Plugins - or so it seems.

I've created a small Plugin, run maven-install to put it into the local repository; then I have a small application that uses the Plugin and that's all there is. The Plugin is named - something-0.1-SNAPSHOT so it should be reloaded every time.

When I make a change to the Plugin and run maven-install again it seems to work fine and then I use IDEA to RUN the application; it says in the console log that it does install the Plugin again but I don't believe that it does. I've run a couple of tests using 'println' and the later version is simply not included. But if I close and re-open the project the later version of the plugin does appear without me having to do anything at all. I should add that looking via the Grails View within the application and the plugin's sources confirms that it isn't reloaded.

It obviously could be a Grails issue but the fact that just closing and reopening the project made me wonder whether it was something to do with IDEA.

Any thoughts ?


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