Intellij IDEA 13: Error Checking Out from SVN


I am trying to check out from an SVN repository and I am encountering the following error:

"Cannot checkout from SVN: Cannot run program "svn": CreateProcess error = 2, The system cannot find the file specified"

Hope I can find an answer, thanks in advance.


HI mate,

Looks like you're gonna have to wait an update From the log message, it seems that it's always trying to spawn a command line client even though it's not configured like that. For a quick workaround you can install a command line client, such as so Idea will successfully launch the process. I'm still on 12 but I experimented this with a friend who's trying out 13.



minor update -- this is on a mac -- installed versions, used that to import and then create working copy, now intellij's sbversion support works for commits and everything else -- seems like it's just the initial import and checkout steps that are broken


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