Find Usage missing options

I'm not sure how long this has been happening, but I recently discovered the Find Usages dialog is no longer working for me properly and is not giving me options to to find Getters and Setters or Implementing methods and such.  I'm only getting options for finding text occurrences and skipping results for only one usage.  Did I accidently change some setting or misconfigure something somehow?  I haven't been able to find any dialogs to restore the options and it's making it real hard to trace how and where some of my code is being used--expecially overridden methods and not being able to find usages of Getters and Setters for properties.

I'm working with java projects and my IntelliJ version is 12.1.6.  I found a forum post that suggested Invalidating My Caches but doing that had no apparent effect.

Would appreciate any help.

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It occurred to me that this could be a plugin problem, so I went through each of my non-bundled plugins, disabled it, restarted, and then check the find-usage dialog to see if the dialog was back to normal.  It took until the end of the list but I eventually determined that disabling the 'XQuery Support' plugin restored the find-usages dialog to normal.

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This is an old post but I just ran into this problem in IntelliJ 2017.2 using the JS GraphQl v1.5.4 plugin.

Find Usages dialog missing all options other than scope and would not find interface usages.


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