IntelliJ and SVN

Hi all,

I'm having some serious problems with IntelliJ + SVN. I'm using SVN over a SSH tunnel, and while I don't have any problems doing manual updates (svn up), I do have a lot of problems with IntelliJ and SVN.

A lot of times my update fails (I have 25 projects) because of an authentication failure. When I do the update again, there's no problem, but I do have a lot of 'partial' update messages in the changes window. I know I shouldn't influence you here, but my guess is that the SVN server cannot handle so many connections (maybe the svn command line has a different way of connecting. I don't know, it's just a feeling I have!)
I just checked out a project /trunk/4 modules, and the checkout was incomplete! I was missing 2 files (a javascript library and the pom.xml). After a manual update, I got this:

So the files where in the repository, but somehow IntelliJ didn't check them out. Any suggestions?

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