Spurious compilation error

I have a setup where I include directory ${project}/lib/ as a directory in one of my libraries.

Under that I have com/example/tla/tlaClientProxy.class

One of my source files has "import com.example.tla.tlaClientProxy" and the syntax analysis highlights "example" with the error  "Cannot resolve symbol 'example'", however references to tlaClientProxy do resolve, so it has obviously found the class file.

I'm a little puzzled by what IDEA is doing here.

For information, this happened in IDEA 12 and still happens in IDEA 13.

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It seems that the error is including the directory in a library. If I take it out of the library and add it in dependencies using the "Jars or directories" option, it works as I would wish.

The online help for this section doesn't contain any obviously relevant information. I'm not sure if this is documented elsewhere? If it is, it would be helpful to have a link.


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