trying to use a sample spring mybatis project. Seem to be missing some config settings

I have downloaded the sample from

  1. I then open the pom.xml and imported it into intellij
  2. I added a spring MVC facet
  3. i added a web facet
  4. i am using intellij 12.1.6

Once done, the autowiring is failing. I am trying to learn this new framework, but it is difficult when i can not get the sample to run

for example all these have an error similar tor::        Could not autowire. No beans of 'LineItemMapper' type found
public class OrderService {

  private ItemMapper itemMapper;
  private OrderMapper orderMapper;
  private SequenceMapper sequenceMapper;
  private LineItemMapper lineItemMapper;

I am thinking it is something i have setup incorrectly in my project.

I have attatched a zip of this sample including the intellij project file.

Hopefully someone can point me to what i am doing incorrectly

Thanks for any help


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