failed to Compile Intellij IDEA on ubuntu

Hi Intellij Fans :)

i tried to Compile intellij source file (ideaIC-13.tar.gz) on ubuntu 13.10 and run it like other ubuntu applicatios.
i searched and use different ways to do that, but didn't worked.

i don't want to enter terminal commands to run intellij idea everytime i want to use it :( .

how can i compile and install intellij IDEA on ubuntu?

thanks alot

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i tried "Create Desktop Entry" to make shortcut for it, but i got this error.
there is another warning about "native file watcher". how can i solve them?:|

Screenshot from 2013-12-06 17:30:35.jpg
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cd /media/safeman/Safeman/Ubuntu/idea/bin
chmod +x fsnotifier64


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