About Axis Webservice


Thanks for the good IDEA's hard working.

These days, I met a problem.

In Axis, we need a server-config.wsdd to create the war package. (although there is another method to create this file, but I do hope the IDEA can finish it.)

While I click the "Expose this class for webservice", It will generate the new info into the server-config.wsdd file.

But, if the method in my webservice need a parameter vo, the IDEA didn't generate the "typeMapping" infos.

So, exception will throw while the axis want to serializer or deserializer the parameter.

Hope the Axis's support can be more perfect. thanks.

My env is : IDEA Build 8375 + JDK 1.6
Program dep env: JDK 1.4 + Axis 1.4 + Weblogic 8.1.x

ps: I still missing the IDEA's performance in 5.1.2. She just like a clever girl turning so quickly, and now, she turn into a woman/man, with a lot of function and knowledge, but everything turning slow and seems think alot before she tell me the answers. I also agree that it turnning very strong now. But, the good performance give us alot of pleasure in development, just like IDEA's idea.

Thanks and regards,

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