Debugger not stopping at breakpoints. Confused.

I am not sure what is different, but my debugger used to stop at breakpoints and now it doesn't. The only thing I have done recently is upgrade my IntelliJ IDEA from 12.1.4 to 12.16.

I even uninstalled it deleted ever trace of the application being on my computer and finally reinstalled.

I am running on top if Windows 8, JDK7, and my app is a grails web app.

Are there any know issues with the debugger with this setup? I clearly have break points, running my debugger, and nothing happens. I tried clearing cache etc.

Please help! I can't develop properly without my debugger.

Thanks in Advance!!!


Hi Edgar,
Please describe how breakpoint icons look like: are they unchanged or there is a cross or a checkmark on them?


There is no checkmark. It looks like a regular breakpoint. I use IDEA at work and don't have this problem there. It's strange. The breakpoint is just your average red dot.


Could it be related to the version of Grails ? - although I know you said that only IDEA has changed. Grails 2.3 with forked execution does has an impact with debugging - see

It seems that in order to debug with forked mode you must use remote debugging. Otherwise amend the BuildConfig to turn off forked mode.



This means either
1. the class is not loaded yet
2. the class where breakpoint is set is out of current "debug scope". In the run configuration you used to start debug session there must be a module specified, whose classpath should be used for sources resolution. So if the class you are debugging is not from libraries, but from one of your modules, it should be recursively reacheable via module dependencies from the module that it specified in the run configuration.


Thanks Graham. Let me check this out later. That might be the problem. *Crossing my fingers.*


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