activating annotation processing in idea

I'm trying to get annotation processing in IntelliJ IDEA to run, but without any success by now - either the processor doesn't run or there are exceptions during executing.

The concrete examples are AndroidAnnotations ( or dagger ( but none of this works.
I checked enable annotation processing and selected the jar which contains the processor.

AndroidAnnonations: fails
dagger: complains about missing dependencies

There's a blogpost explaining how to setup annotaion processing in Intellij IDEA 12 .
I tried that, but without any success

But my intention is to get dagger to run. it needs some dependent jars. In ADT I can define factory paths I dont find a possibility to define something similar in intellij.

I tried for 2 days now and it is really annoying.
So could someone please provide a working guide how to configure annoation processing correctly in latest IntelliJ CE build.

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First why you didn't manage to setup AndroidAnnotations? What errors do you get? Or it just doesn't generate anything, does it?


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