keymap / live templates issue

hi there,

i can't seem to get some shortcuts and live templates to work in Intellij Idea 12 and wonder if it's down to the keymap.

i'm accessing Idea over a windows terminal services connection and have the following issues :

the Comment with Block Comment command doesn't do anything if I select it from the Code menu or use a keyboard shortcut.
the Comment with Line Comment command works just fine.

none of the Live Templates seem to work for me - i assume that i'm supposed to be able to type 'sout' and then TAB or 'inn' and then TAB and have the IDE expand these templates ?

can anyone point me in the right direction ?

many thanks in advance ...


does intellij log file shows any errors?
Also check the livetemplate autocompletion key (space or tab key), further,
what happens when you press CTRL+J?


hi there,

thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated !

the log file shows an error which appears to be an attempted download from jetbrains - com.intellij.platform.templates.RemoteTemplatesFactory$1.compute
the server i'm working on doesn't have access to the internet.

CTRL+J displays a message - 'No templates defined in this context'

can i download the templates manually and copy them across to the server ?

am i right in saying that this shouldn't affect my ability to apply comments with block ?

thanks again. :-)


so i've managed to get the default live templates to appear by adding a new one.

unfortunately, i can't get any of them to work - pressing TAB does nothing and changing the 'Expand With' setting doesn't help either.

can anyone suggest anything ?

thanks in advance ...


Please select the template in Settings / Live Templates and check small label with "applicable" word at the bottom. Are the contexts Ok? Try the Change link if not yet.



hi Alexander,

thanks for taking the time to reply !

your suggestion has fixed the templates issue which is very useful - i hadn't noticed that option at the bottom !

any ideas regarding my comment issue ? i still can't use the CTRL+SHIFT+/ keybvoard shortcut or menu command.

thanks again - much appreciated !


Do you try to use Comment with Block in Java? Can you provide a code snippet?
Do you use it when something is selected in the Editor? What is selected?



Hi Alexander,

I'm basically trying to select a line or two in the editor - anything - and have it commented out - //isAdmin=false;

e.g i select a piece of code or just have the cursor on that particular line -


When i select Comment with Line Block from the Code menu or use the keyboard shortcut, it works as expected.
If i select Comment with Block Comment nothing happens.

I'm editing a jsp page in the editor if that makes any difference - it's not 'pure' java code as it's mixed with HTML, etc.

Thanks again. :-)


In arbitrary dummy case the action works for me.

Looking at the snippet:
I presume, the text "isAdmin=false;" is not inside a scriptlet, but is a template text? Is that true? Because otherwise it would be commented so:
// isAdmin=false;
Or so:



Hi Alexander,

it's basically a standard jsp page - the text is inside the standard <% and %> tags

the editor does seem to be picking up the content type of the page incorrectly as the comment format suggests an html page ?

do you know of any way to check the content type or force it in any way ? i suspect that may solve the problem.

many thanks !


If so, could you attach a sample of such JSP where the commenting doesn't work?

Thank you,


Hi There,

Even a simple snippet such as this (inserted into a new, blank page) results in the wrong type of comment (and no block comments)


I'm not sure how the current current document 'type' is being determined ?



Right question. It's by the file name pattern (typically, by the file extension). Please check:
1. Your file extension.
2. What category is it in Settings / File Types?

If you have JavaEE and JSP support plugins enabled, .jsp files should have proper type. Maybe a plugin is not enabled?



Fantastic !

It looks like although the jsp file is being classified correctly, it's applying the wrong type of comments for some reason.
When I configure jsp files to be treated like Java files everything works as expected.

Hopefully I can either change the comments style of just leave the configuration change.

Many, many thanks for your assistance - I appreciate you taking the time to help a complete stranger.



Well, the last thing to check is whether the .jsp extension is also registered in another type.

Also third party plugin disabling could help, if there are any.

You're welcome,


I haven't installed any third-party plugins (that I'm aware of) but I'll make sure that the JSP file extension is only handled once.

Thanks again !


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